Tom Lance Returns as Product Sales and Development Manager at Lauren AgriSystems

Lauren AgriSystems is excited to announce the return of Tom Lance as the new product sales and development manager. With over 20 years of professional experience in the dairy industry, lifelong farm experience, and a passion for agriculture, Tom’s knowledge of milking liners, cow comfort, and Lauren AgriSystems makes him the perfect fit for the team.

Tom’s journey in the dairy industry began on his family’s farm, where he gained hands-on experience with cows and agriculture. He initially joined Lauren AgriSystems as a technical service representative, spending 11 years with the company, and was part of the original “green liner guys.” During this time, Tom played a key role in product testing, development, and sales, consistently focusing on cow comfort, parlor efficiency, and dealer growth. He made significant contributions to Lauren’s early successes, bringing premium silicone products to milking parlors during a period when many believed that all milking liner materials and designs were created equal.

Tom helped establish Lauren Liners patented Tri-Circle® barrel and proprietary DairyGrade® silicone as the industry’s best, backed by years of research and development. Tom gathered crucial research data from dairies to support these advancements, further solidifying Lauren AgriSystems’ reputation as the leader in the field offering long-lasting, fast milking, fewer squawks, and greater cow comfort milking liners to dairies.

As Lauren AgriSystems’ new product sales and development manager, Tom will play a crucial role in sales, consulting, and parlor performance. His responsibilities will encompass parlor efficiency consulting, dealer and dairy training, product testing, and providing support to dairymen, dealers, and the internal team. Tom will report directly to Aaron Kochman, who is excited to have him back on the Lauren team.

Aaron Kochman, general manager, Lauren AgriSystems, shares his enthusiasm: “Tom’s spirit of innovation and dedication to cow comfort and parlor efficiency aligns perfectly with our values at Lauren AgriSystems. His on-farm presence, both directly and through our dealer network, will have a significant impact on improving parlors and helping dairies operate more efficiently. We’re excited to see Tom’s expertise contribute to the development and marketing of our innovative products that prioritize cow comfort and happiness to help dairies improve their bottom line.”

Speaking about his return to Lauren AgriSystems, Tom says, “I am truly excited to be back at Lauren and grateful for the opportunity to bring with me all the valuable experiences and knowledge I’ve gained throughout my career. I look forward to working together with the team to enhance the lives of cows and support the growth of the dairy industry.”

Tom is committed to revamping and extending training to dealers, accelerating the marketing of new products through experienced manpower, and helping dairies operate more efficiently. His goal is to ensure that Lauren AgriSystems remains at the forefront of liner innovation, putting the comfort and well-being of cows first.

Beyond his impressive professional background, Tom has an interesting personal life. He competed in rodeos for 28 years, with a national ranking of 10th in the nation in IPRA back in 2001. As an avid hunter and fisher, Tom is also a dedicated mentor with Buckeye Youth Sporting, where he has shared his love for bird hunting with young enthusiasts for the past five years. Tom also enjoys spending his free time with his children and friends.

As the original milking liner industry innovators, Lauren AgriSystems consistently revolutionizes the field through its innovative products, superior materials, and exceptional design. The company’s patented Tri-Circle® barrel milking liner and proprietary DairyGrade® silicone used in milking liners, hose, and tubing, showcase their commitment to quality and performance.

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About Lauren AgriSystems, Ltd.: Lauren AgriSystems, Ltd. is a division of Lauren International, Ltd., and is located in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Lauren AgriSystems‘ mission is to change the dairy industry by improving the productivity and profitability of dairy farms across the country and throughout the world. Lauren AgriSystems products are engineered based on analytical research and a deep understanding of the ongoing needs of the dairy industry. To learn more about Lauren AgriSystems, Ltd., visit

Tom Lance, Product Sales and Development Manager at Lauren AgriSystems

Tom Lance, Product Sales and Development Manager at Lauren AgriSystems

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