Lauren Agrisystems

Committed to Doing More

Dairy farming is more than a job. It’s a way of life focused on attentive care, efficiency and adaptability, which is all made possible through the hard work and dedication of dairy professionals like you.

Lauren AgriSystems, Ltd., understands the unique challenges of keeping your herd healthy and happy, while maintaining production in the parlor and staying on top of the demands of the industry. That’s why we are committed to improving your profitability by addressing your most relevant needs with innovative products and solutions that directly impact the efficiency and productivity of your parlor.

The Mission We Stand Behind

It is our mission to partner with dairy professionals to make their cows more comfortable, their parlors more efficient and their industry more innovative.

The Values We Stand For

for Herd.
Innovations to keep your herd healthy, comfortable and productive.

for Profit.
Products to help your dairy run more smoothly, efficiently and profitably.

for Dairy.
Solutions to protect your way of life and ensure the sustainability of the industry.

The Science Behind the Solutions

All Lauren AgriSystems’ products have been designed to make your job easier and your business more profitable, for true peace of mind. We partner with materials experts, top laboratories and industry professionals to bring you high-performance products based on relevant market information and the best research available. Our exclusive innovations are the key to a fully optimized parlor. They can help you:

  • Control labor costs
  • Maximize efficiency in parlor operations
  • Improve the teat-end health of your herd
  • Enhance cow comfort

The Man Behind It All

Lauren AgriSystems, Ltd., is a division of Lauren International, Ltd., a company originally founded as Lauren Manufacturing, Inc., by Dale Lauren Foland in Garrettsville, Ohio, in 1965. Dale started Lauren as an answer to a market need for high-quality, efficient, continuous polymer extrusion. His philosophy has not changed since the early days of Lauren International and remains today: “the answer to any problem lies within the conceptual power of the people that surround you.” Lauren International is driven by market-relevant research and design that addresses identified customer issues.

Dale Lauren Foland set out to develop a company that was holistically focused on the advancement of an industry. Today that remains a common thread that winds through the very core of all Lauren businesses, including Lauren AgriSystems, Ltd.

Lauren AgriSystems’ main focus is to change the dairy industry by improving productivity and profitability―one farm at a time. Our products are built using sound science and quality materials, with an eye on the future.

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