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Adam Quiroz, Takes on the Role of Parlor Solutions Expert

Lauren AgriSystems proudly announces the newest addition to their team, Adam Quiroz, taking on the role of Parlor Solutions Expert. With an associate degree in technology from Texas State Technical Institute and vast experience in setting up and calibrating precision equipment, Adam’s skills in technical sales and collaboration are a great fit for Lauren AgriSystems. […]

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Upgrade Your Milking Liners Without Upping the Cost

At the parlor and in terms of milk production, the milking liner is where things begin. Starting with the sticker price to determine which liner to buy is just the beginning, too. In the dairy business, where margins are tight, economic realities keep changing and quality labor shortages abound, every drop of milk matters. One […]

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Teat End Condition As a Factor of Properly Tuned Milking Systems

Abstract: High claw vacuum settings result in greater milk flow and shorter milking times, yet can result in poor teat end condition, congestion and/or edema if the milking liner design is not suited for high vacuum applications. Our study compares the effects on teat ends of a conventional liner designed for low vacuum to those […]

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The Ins and Outs of Silicone Milking Liners Compared to Rubber Liners

Aaron Kochman for Progressive Dairy – From our experience working with dairies and in our work developing milking products, we’ve seen that choosing a milking liner as a business decision ultimately comes down to two main things: cost per milking and health of the herd. All the other factors, such as durability, initial cost, longevity, […]

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Milking Liner Changeouts – When and Why

How many milkings is too many milkings for a liner? Lifespan of a milking liner: Every milking liner brand has different recommendations for when to call it quits and swap out for a new set. Overtime all liners start to lose their integrity after they hit a certain number of milkings. The need to change […]

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Lauren AgriSystems Hires Logan Sauser as Brand Manager

New Philadelphia, Ohio 04/06/2021 The New Philadelphia-based manufacturing company welcomes Logan Sauser to the Lauren AgriSystems sales and marketing team. Lauren AgriSystems, is pleased to announce its recent hire of Logan Sauser as Brand Manager. Logan will take on the responsibilities of assisting in sales, service, packaging, shipping, and local dealer development. “Logan has come […]

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