Access Liner

Access more value. Access Lauren liners.

The perfect mix of value and long-lasting performance isn’t hard to find. The new, groundbreaking Lauren Access Black Triangle Liner is designed to maximize your production without busting your budget, all while protecting your herd’s health and your business’s bottom line.

This multisided barrel solution is the only liner that comes with available Directional Flow Vent Technology, an exclusive technology that ensures a fast, consistent flow.

DairyGrade® Material

Our proprietary DairyGrade® compound ensures longer product life by resisting fatigue-induced cracking. It also makes the liner easier to clean by maintaining a smooth surface finish, which prevents unwanted residue and bacteria buildup. Plus, it fulfills FDA and 3-A testing standards.

Industry Leading Cost Per Milking

A competitive upfront price coupled with the longevity of the liner adds up to a lower cost per milking. No other black liner can compete with the technology, material and efficiency of the Access liner.

Better Teat End Health

Liners with multisided barrels consistently show superior teat end health results.


The durable DairyGrade® material is rated to a minimum of 3,000 milkings, which means fewer time-consuming system switch-outs.

Quality Control

Every liner sold is individually inspected and engraved with a unique serial number, providing complete product traceability from raw material to end user.


The Access liner is designed to work on a variety of milking systems and configurations. The liner is available with the patented Directional Vent and in a nonvented version.

Integrated Design

The Access liner was designed in tandem with its shell to prevent the liner from twisting during use. This integrated design enables consistent milking throughout the life of the liner.

Part #DescriptionQuantity (per box)
10111Access Liner with Directional Vent Technology100 liners
10121Access Liner, Nonvented100 liners
10153Shell for Access Liner50 pieces
10177Directional Vent50 pieces