Lauren Liners

Lauren AgriSystems’ Liners improve your bottom line by reducing expenses and increasing productivity. The Lauren Liner’s patented Tri-Circle® barrel and proprietary DairyGrade® silicone offer fast milking, fewer squawks and greater cow comfort. Plus, all of the Lauren Liners have a specialized, nontwist design.

NEW! Tri-Fecta Offering
Lauren Liners are now available in three styles for optimal fit and performance. That means you have six liner options to choose from to fit a variety of milking systems.

We offer standard vented, reduced-airflow vented and nonvented liners, with or without silicone-reinforced short milk tubes.

  • Choose either version of our standard vented liners if your system has no vacuum limitations, does not have venting in the claw or if you prefer multiple vents in the cluster. These liners feature the standard yellow vent.
  • Our NEW Reduced-Airflow Vented Liners are designed for systems with vacuum limitations, with venting in the claw, or if you prefer multiple vents in the cluster.
  • Our silicone reinforced liners are a good choice if your dairy experiences frequent short milk tube tears.
  • Our nonvented liners work well with systems with vacuum limitations and vented claws.

Herd Health. Parlor Productivity. Industry Advancement.

The Lauren Liner Makes the Difference.

Fast Milking

The Lauren Liner is designed to provide fast, complete milking for increased productivity.

Fewer Squawks

Using Lauren Liners results in fewer squawks. Parlor managers can also expect fewer fall-offs and kickoffs.

Optimal Liner Life

Our liners are made of a proprietary DairyGrade® silicone compound that is guaranteed for up to 4,000 milkings.

Guaranteed Teat-End Health

Research proves that using the Tri-Circle® barrel improves teat ends.

Greater Cleanability

The liner meets 3-A testing standards, resists fatigue-induced cracking and maintains a smooth surface finish to prevent unwanted residue and bacteria buildup.

Quality Control

Every liner sold is individually inspected, preconditioned and engraved with a unique serial number, providing complete product traceability from raw material to end user.

Optional Vents

Our patented vent design—now with standard and reduced-airflow vent options—minimizes clogging and ensures uniform milk flow.

Tri-Circle® Barrel Design

At the center of the Green Liner's benefits are the patented Tri-Circle barrel liner shape and proprietary silicone blend used in manufacturing.

Under vacuum, the liner collapses evenly along the length of the teat, ensuring undue pressure is not placed on the teat end, which helps make your cows more comfortable.

Industry Links and Research

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Part # Description Quantity (per box)
10109 NEW! Reduced-Airflow Vent, Standard Liner, Light Green 100 liners
10110 NEW! Reduced-Airflow Vent, Reinforced Liner, Light Green 100 liners
10104 Standard Vent, Standard Liner, Original Green 100 liners
10106 Standard Vent, Reinforced Liner, Original Green 100 liners
10124 Nonvented, Standard Liner, Dark Green 100 liners
10126 Nonvented, Reinforced Liner, Dark Green 100 liners