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If you’re looking for more information about our products, the dairy industry or our research, you’ll find it here. The links below have tips on equipment setup, machine setting choices, frequently asked questions and more.

Lauren AgriSystems Parlor Product Guide Brochure

Parlor Product Guide

Case study 1: Teat end condition as a factor of properly tuned milking systems

Teat End Condition

Case study 2: Silicone liner performance as a function of material

Silicone Liner Performance

Case study 3: The effects of a new silicone liner on teat end hyperkeratosis

Effects of a New Silicone Liner

Case study 4: The effects of twin tube diameter and length on pulsation

Effects of Twin Tube on Pulsation

Case study 5: The effect of the duration of the C-Phase of pulsation on milking performance

Effects of C-Phase Duration

Case study 6: Predicting milking performance by controlling air admission at the cluster

Predicting Milking Performance

Case study 7: Effect of vacuum and ratio on the performance of a monoblock silicone milking liner

Vacuum & Ratio Effects on Liner

Case study 8: The effects of over-pressure on teat end health

Over-Pressure on Teat End Health

Case study 9: The effect of liner barrel shape on teat end condition

Effects of Liner Barrel Shape

Case study 10: Initial pressure application to the teat by various C-Phases

Initial Pressure Application to the Teat

Case study 11: Long term use of the Lauren liner and peak milk production

Lauren Liner Long-Term Use

Lauren Liner Tech Sheet

Lauren Air Tubing Tech Sheet

Lauren Clear Milk Hose Tech Sheet

Lauren Premium Milk Hose Tech Sheet

Lauren Installation Guide

Comparison of Milking Liner Performance with Lely Robotic Milking Machines

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