Lauren Agrisystems

Other Products

Not only can we strengthen your business, we can improve your cows’ health and happiness—and make the industry better while we’re at it. Choose the right components to optimize your farm’s performance.

Powder Free Nitrile Examination Gloves

Single-use examination grade milker's gloves made specifically for use in dairies.

Wash Cups

Made using the same DairyGrade® silicone compound as our
Lauren Liner, these replace the conventional black rubber cups
on today’s most commonly used wash trays. Also available with
an adapter for bolting onto trays.

CIP Inserts

Convert a 57mm wash tray to a 51mm wash tray to
accommodate the Lauren Liners.

Jetter Cups

Provide optimal fit and seal for enhanced system cleaning. Works with most 51mm liners.

Hoof Blocks

Made from tough, long-lasting material with a skid-resistant design, our hoof blocks have a patented curved toe that allows the cow to continue her normal gait while wearing.

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