Adam Quiroz, Takes on the Role of Parlor Solutions Expert

Lauren AgriSystems proudly announces the newest addition to their team, Adam Quiroz, taking on the role of Parlor Solutions Expert. With an associate degree in technology from Texas State Technical Institute and vast experience in setting up and calibrating precision equipment, Adam’s skills in technical sales and collaboration are a great fit for Lauren AgriSystems.

In his new capacity as a Parlor Solutions Expert, Adam will play a pivotal role in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado to significantly enhance sales across various territories and ensure unmatched customer service and satisfaction.

Aaron Kochman, General Manager, Lauren AgriSystems, remarked, “Bringing Adam on board was an easy decision. From our initial interactions, it was clear he was a great fit for this role. His technical expertise, combined with his sales acumen makes him uniquely positioned to drive our objectives forward. We’re enthusiastic about the potential Adam brings to our team and the Lauren AgriSystems family.”

On a personal front, Adam has been happily married for 28 years, cherishing life with his wife and their three children, including two sons and a daughter. His family circle is further enriched with the joy of two granddaughters. Adam’s commitment to agriculture is evident through his active involvement with the Randall County 4H organization, where he holds the position of treasurer. He’s also a member of his local shooting club and holds certifications in BQA and OSHA through the Texas Cattle Feeders Association.

When not working, Adam enjoys traveling with family and friends and is deeply involved in attending and supporting local and statewide stock shows.

As the original milking liner industry innovators, Lauren AgriSystems consistently revolutionizes the field through its innovative products, superior materials, and exceptional design. The company’s patented Tri-Circle® barrel milking liner and proprietary DairyGrade® silicone used in milking liners, hose, and tubing, showcase their commitment to quality and performance.

About Lauren AgriSystems, Ltd.: Lauren AgriSystems, Ltd. is a division of Lauren International, Ltd., and is located in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Lauren AgriSystems‘ mission is to change the dairy industry by improving the productivity and profitability of dairy farms across the country and throughout the world. Lauren AgriSystems products are engineered based on analytical research and a deep understanding of the ongoing needs of the dairy industry. To learn more about Lauren AgriSystems, Ltd., visit

Adam Quiroz

Adam Quiroz, Parlor Solutions Expert at Lauren AgriSystems

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