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Milking Products

Not only can we strengthen your business, we can improve your cows’ health and happiness—and make the industry better while we’re at it. For your most critical milking tools, go beyond the essentials and choose the exceptional.

Lauren Liners

Lauren AgriSystems’ Liners improve your bottom line by reducing expenses and increasing productivity. The Lauren Liner's patented Tri-Circle® barrel and proprietary DairyGrade® silicone offer fast milking, fewer squawks and greater cow comfort. Plus, all of the Lauren Liners have a specialized, nontwist design.

NEW! Tri-Fecta Offering
Lauren Liners are now available in three styles for optimal fit and performance. That means you have six liner options to choose from to fit a variety of milking systems.

Available in standard vented, reduced-airflow vented and nonvented liners, with or without silicone-reinforced short milk tubes.

Premium Milk Hose

Designed for superior durability, flexibility and cleanability, our premium milk hose is constructed from our DairyGrade® silicone compound, a food-grade silicone blend that meets 3-A testing standards. Available in two shapes: round and Tri-Circle. The Tri-Circle shape has kink-resistant ribs, which make it ideal for tight-radiused applications.

Clear Milk Hose

Made with our DairyGrade® Silicone compound, our clear
milk hose delivers both visibility and high performance.

Lauren Milking Shells

Specifically designed to integrate with Lauren Liners, our shells incorporate an anti-twist feature to ensure proper alignment. Available in a weighted and nonweighted version.

Pulsation Enhancers

Designed to adjust the C-phase of the pulsator, our enhancers slow down the
C-phase, allowing the liner to close slower and softer, eliminating the slapping effect while increasing cow comfort.

Short Air Tubes

Durable and long-lasting, our short air tubes are made from a high-grade
polymer blend to stay flexible and maintain performance
during cold or hot temperature extremes.

Twin Tube

Durable and long-lasting, our twin tube is made from a high-grade
polymer blend to stay flexible and maintain performance during
cold or hot temperature extremes.

Milking Claw

The 300 CC is adaptable to a multitude of systems with common replacement parts to ensure easy maintenance and repair. The modular component system makes the claw highly adaptable to your herd, ensuring an optimum fit for increased productivity.

Milking Claw Rebuild Kits

Low cost/affordable and long lasting silicone bowl gasket and o-ring rebuild kits and parts for 300 style milking claws.

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