Lauren AgriSystems Welcomes Katie Lee as Operations Coordinator

Lauren AgriSystems, a recognized leader in the dairy industry, is delighted to introduce Katie Lee to their growing team in the role of Operations Coordinator.

Joining Lauren AgriSystems, Katie steps into the role of Operations Coordinator, overseeing vital functions such as product assembly, shipping and receiving, quality inspection, inventory management, and customer service.

“Katie’s extensive background in dairy farming where she used Lauren Liners for many years as a herdsman and calf barn manager, gives her an edge that aligns perfectly with our mission,” stated Aaron Kochman, Operations Manager at Lauren AgriSystems. “Dairying is her passion, and she has always been an advocate for Lauren products. We’ve known Katie’s commitment to the industry from our past collaborations with her farm. Bringing her on board has been a great fit for our team and our customers. She has the experience, passion, and familiarity with our products to maximize our efforts and she has already made a positive impact in her new role.”

Katie expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “Being a part of Lauren AgriSystems represents a perfect blend of my past experiences, my love for dairying, and my aspirations for the future. I’m excited to continue my journey with a company whose products I’ve believed in and used for years. My career is coming full circle. My goal is to foster a seamless collaboration between the company and our customers, ensuring that we continue to deliver top-notch products and services.”

Beyond her professional role, Katie is a proud graduate of Canton South High School. She cherishes her moments outside work, often found engrossed in a novel or spending cherished moments with her loved ones – husband Josh, their children, Emma and Jeffrey, and their three pets, Elsa, Maverick, and their adorable calf, Emmy Lou Harris.

About Lauren AgriSystems, Ltd.: Lauren AgriSystems, Ltd. is a division of Lauren International, Ltd., and is located in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Lauren AgriSystems‘ mission is to change the dairy industry by improving the productivity and profitability of dairy farms across the country and throughout the world. Lauren AgriSystems products are engineered based on analytical research and a deep understanding of the ongoing needs of the dairy industry. To learn more about Lauren AgriSystems, Ltd., visit

Katie Lee

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